07. English



1.Challenge player

Select a player whose status indicates "En attente" and click on his name.
The line of the selected player turns blue.
Preferably select a player whose Elo is close to yours.
A window is displayed to launch the challenge.
The challenged player's name appears.
Set the basic time in minutes and added time if you wish.
Click OK.

Note: The only challenged player sees the challenge.
You can not see your challenges.

So it is useless to say, "I challenge but it does not work! . He simply did not accept your match. Either the player is not in front of the screen, either it does not your speed, either he simply doesn't want to play against you!

2. Accepting a challenge

The challenges you receive appear in a list entitled DEFIS.
Note carefully the purposed playing time which.
The game can be very fast or very slow.
You should rather accept a challenge coming from a player who as quite the same elo as yours.
Click Accept.

This notice's only aim is to play quickly on the site, however you are strongly advised to read the full guide (downloadable here above - only in french)) in order to fully enjoy the site and all available features.


Enjoy the game, in positive spirit and fairplay.


Traduction : Coquille